Arx Axiom, Ltd.

The Basics

Founded in 2005 by filmmakers Matthew Leslie and Michael Free in Chicago, Arx Axiom is an independent motion picture studio committed to producing fiercely independent films and television programming of exquisite quality, inspiring storytelling, and artistic beauty.

The People

Meet our team here.

The Services

Arx Axiom also offers its services for hire and currently facilitates and provides production resources to numerous 3rd party films, TV shows, production companies and other media projects.  Arx’s work has been featured on CN100 the Comcast Network, MSNBC, CNN and HLN among others.

The Brands

ArxTV is an independent internet TV channel currently featuring 3 original programs, The DEADHORSE Chronicles, Seasons Greetings and ArxTV Independent News.

Arx Axiom Motion Pictures has produced two feature documentary films to date: The Dutch Mafia and DEADHORSE.


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